expressions of gratitude

I work hard to serve every client in their best and highest interest, so I’m very grateful when that’s acknowledged. A few of my favorite notes from clients:

I LOVE my sessions with Lulu!!  They are exquisite transformative experiences that put me in touch with my deepest essence.  Lulu is intuitive, compassionate, and a master of high frequency therapies.  Essential oils, sound healing,  and colorpuncture are just a few of the modalities in her repertoire.  A session with Lulu is one of the most nourishing gifts you can give yourself!! ~ Ruth Marie Watson, LAc

Lulu has been giving me massages every other week for over 5 years. Each time has been a wonderful experience because of her understanding of the human body. When I arrive for my session, the first question she asks is “What should I know about your body?” She will spend a little more time on those parts that are acting up and still give my body all the attention it needs. When the massage is finished, I feel that everything is right with the world. ~ Mike

When I visit Lori for a massage, we talk about new stresses, aches or pains or what I might change in my daily life, as well as how I felt after my last massage.  She is aware of the depth of the pressure she uses and of sore spots I carry due to other life experiences. I have found her to be exceedingly knowledgeable.  She continues to take additional classes and goes to many conferences to assure she is keeping up to date. I wouldn’t give up my massages from Lori for anything! ~ Jody

I am so appreciative for the way you have taken care of this 87 year old body by your very professional and healthful massage therapy. You always question me as to what might be going on with my body before you begin your massages so you can address a particular area with what I call ” your hands of gold”. You are a wonderful caring person and I would I not hesitate in a moment, to recommend your services to others, as I have done. ~ Kenny C

I have been seeing Lulu for massage and body work for many years. She has been trained in some very special techniques, such as crystal bowls, Reiki, and wonderful massage. I believe my favorite is the Harmonic massage.  It uses special tuning forks that gently send vibrations to various parts of the body depending on the frequency. Creating a deeply relaxing experience. ~ Caroline M.

That hour and a half when I’m receiving massage,  all is right with the world. I don’t think of anything else during that time, it’s as though nothing else is happening. It’s wonderful. There is a beauty and a solitude to that time I give myself. ~ Marsha C

Lulu is amazing. She is deeply connected to the divine and very knowledgeable about techniques. When those two are combined, the results are fantastic. ~ Min

San Diego VRT Vibrational Raindrop Technique

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