crystal bowl sound baths

San Diego VRT Crystal Bowl Sound BathQuartz crystal singing bowls emit a song when struck or toned. The vibration and sound emitted from crystal bowls align to energy centers (chakras) in the human body. These vibrations can harmonize a person into a soothing deep relaxation. Additionally, the rich, clear tones can open up energy blockages and rejuvenate a person into a greater sense of wellbeing.

Like all of nature, the human body seeks harmony.
“If we accept that sound is vibration, we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being. We then can understand that sound is not just heard via our ears but through every cell of the body,” writes Dr. Mitchell Gaynor M.D., cancer specialist at Cornell Medical Center, who incorporates sound healing into his integrative medical practice with cancer patients. He reminds us that the human body is 90% water and the perfect medium for carrying the beautiful balancing vibrations of Quartz Crystal singing bowls.

A Crystal Bowl Sound Bath can be experienced in my Yoga class on Tuesdays for the final relaxation or added for a brief time at the end of a massage, bodywork, or private yoga session. Clients may also schedule for a private session relaxing on top of my massage table floating on the pure tones of vibration into their own expansive experience. Additionally, I am available for private events like blessings, ceremonies, and all kinds of special occasions.

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San Diego VRT Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

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