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Do you session packages to purchase to receive a discount?

Yes – only with colorpuncture. It is a process to unravel life issues and requires more than 1 session.

Can I get a regular massage without all that other stuff?

Of course! We can talk. Yet, why would you want to limit your experience? The work I have found to be most effective involves a variety of techniques that work together. When sound, oils and color are integrated, the body responds at a deeper level. Relaxation is deeper and healing is faster. A “regular” massage is like reading individual words – when integrated with techniques that take it deeper, the massage becomes a nuanced story.

Can I make an appointment for somebody else?

Yes – and I’ll need to speak with the person to prepare for their session. I want everyone to get the most out of their time on the table, so talking to them before the appointment is important.

I don’t like essential oils. Is it mandatory in my session?

Absolutely not. Your session is completely tailored to you. Please note that Vibrational Raindrop Technique is not possible without oils.

Do you do sports massage or deep tissue work?

Not necessarily. I can focus on specific issues (ie neck pain, shoulder injury, knee and lower back) and I use many different techniques to help resolve it, such as myofascial release work, massage, essential oils for pain, tuning fork application for reducing tension, as well as a hot compress to drive oils deeply into tissues and bring relief.

Can I buy essential oils from you without a treatment?

Yes – I’m a Young Living Distributor #61024. Use the contact form above to reach me.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes – please see all my policies here.

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