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San Diego VRT Vibrational Raindrop TechniqueLori “Lulu” Martin ~colorpuncturist, massage therapist, yoga teacher, alternative wellness practitioner, energy healer, and owner of Blue Lotus Healing Arts in Coronado, CA.

My passion is to help my clients and students feel better on every level: body, mind, and spirit. Assisting them in wellness, pain relief, and stress management brings me joy and a deep sense of purpose.

I have been curious about alternative health and healing most of my life, looking for avenues of wellness that can improve my own life and the lives of my clients. I believe therapeutic touch and energetic healing can relieve pain and suffering on all levels. I love to bring together different elements that can address the variety of issues experienced by my clients. I am a certified Esogetic Colorpunturist utilizing color therapy applied to acupuncture points and regions to open up and unblock stagnant energy information to align my clients to their healthiest sense of being. I also integrate essential oils, if desired for there therapeutic qualities with energy work, and massage. Additionally I practice Vibrational raindrop which incorporates harmonic frequencies with aromatherapy to create effective pathways to balance and wellness.

“One on one, in small or large groups, Lulu Martin creates an atmosphere of balance and deep relaxation that encourages the body’s own inherent harmonizing abilities.”  

Services offered are multi-dimensional, serving the physical, mental, and deeper realm. Make an appointment here.

Creative Therapeutic Bodywork approaches body imbalance from many perspectives and multiple dimensions, utilizing esogetic colorpuncture, energy healing techniques, essential oils, tuning forks, crystals, and massage therapy.

Teaching includes Hatha Yoga Fusion classes as well as regular introductory instruction in using therapeutic grade essential oils.

Crystal Bowl Sound Baths are a powerful experience – beyond sound, one’s whole being is cleansed on a vibrational level, it’s experienced in a very intimate way.

  • Certified Esogetic Colorpuncturist
  • Certified Massage Therapist  CMT #52377
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher  E500 RYT with Yoga Alliance
  • Licensed Spiritual Healer
  • Certified Raindrop Harmonic Specialist
  • Reiki ll Practitioner
  • Young Living Essential Oil Distributor  #61024

                         I am currently enrolled in one certification program:

  • ISHA- Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy – Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

I hold professional certifications, membership, and/or affiliation with the following organizations:

San Diego VRT Vibrational Raindrop Technique

San Diego VRT Vibrational Raindrop Technique

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