San Diego VRT Vibrational Raindrop TechniqueWelcome to Blue Lotus Healing Arts.

I have dedicated the majority of my life to helping people create harmony and balance in their bodies, exploring a spectrum of healing philosophies and practices from around the world. My intention and greatest source of satisfaction is to assist you in being pain free, reducing the stress that life sometimes throws your way, and opening pathways to your wholeness and vitality.

Drawing on a lifetime of curiosity into creative therapeutic body therapies, decades of hands-on experience, and multiple certifications and teachings, I listen for combinations of techniques that will bring you into optimal balance. I have the great fortune of witnessing healing and harmonious alignment – both at my massage table and within my yoga classes.  I am continually seeking out ways of expanding my knowledge of multidimensional healing modalities, constantly adding and refining the tools in my holistic toolbox.

I believe in the four layers of our humanness ~ physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual. I use touch, movement, sound and vibration, aroma, crystals, and colored light to affect the pathways to wellness. Together, through these avenues, we are able to bring about a deep sense of wholeness and harmony within you. Before we begin, we will discuss your needs and preferred modalities. From there, I will draw upon my experience with the intention of relieving your pain, releasing stagnant energy, imbuing a sense of deep relaxation, and potentially moving you to a higher place along the emotional scale. It’s a great privilege to do this work. It’s always my intention to bring my best to the experience, so that our healing dynamic is effective, meaningful, and personal to each client.

Please take your time to explore this site and find out what I’m all about. I’ve tried to anticipate and answer questions you may have, but if not, please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to working with you in loving service.

peace ~ love

San Diego VRT Vibrational Raindrop Technique




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